Morphogenesis performance at Sadler's Wells Theatre, London, UK.

"We respond to gestures in accordance with an elaborate and secret code that is written nowhere, known by none, and understood by all"

- Mark Knapp

I spent 4 months doing research on my thesis question around digital gestural interactions, body language, affective computing, human computer interaction, & wearable technology. Then I used the design of the dress & performance to test out the theories presented in my research. I used design research & analysis to arrive at possible outcomes & the execution was heavily experimental, allowing the process of making to shape the final execution. I worked with technologies & disciplines I was unfamiliar with, iterating quickly.


Work in progress documentation can be found here.

The result of the project was exhibited at the London College of Communication as a video installation and performed by Amy at the Sadler's Wells Theatre in London, UK. The exhibition talks about the gestures in love and attraction along with footage of the dress opening. It is aimed at opening up discussion around the researched topics from my thesis.

The performance, called Morphogenesis represented a concept of emotions being expressed through the dress. It is a hypothetical merging of emotional processes and their reactions in our body. We used projection mapping and motors controlled by the performer to enhance the visual transformation and creation of the emotional manifestations in the costume, with the intention of exploring future possibilities of combining organic functions with digital technology as a tool in interactive design and performance creation.

The video installation spanned across 10 windows above the Well Gallery totalling 10m in length

Work in progress video


Costume Designer - Hana Zeqa

Performer - Amy Louise Cartwright

Music Composition - Zgjim Elshani

Thanks to:

Jennifer Irons - Stage Performance Choreographer

Joel Lewis - Mentor, Interaction Designer

All LCC and LCF staff members and tutors who've helped me on this project

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