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The Brief

An interactive exhibition for the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow, UK who is seeking to engage the general public & local community with the work & the ideas of the designer & activist William Morris.

Sharing, community, culture; 3 themes found to connect William Morris' beliefs & the values of the residents of Walthamstow. Cabinet of Necessities is a conversation between community & artefacts we cannot live without. It answers the questions, how do objects become markers that tie us to a place, time & experience? To which extent do objects speak for themselves?

The 5 objects displayed represent daily routine, culture & religion, digital memory banks, sensory aids, & the sustainability of life. This project was made in collaboration with the Little Free Library & Blackhorse Workshops.

This project was created through research, iterative prototyping, & collaboration over 3 months, using projection mapping techniques & computer programming.

Work in progress documentation blog

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