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Fine, thank you

Fine, thank you is a web project for the group show Emotional Interfacespart of  The Wrong Biennale.

Curated by: Virginie Tan and Astrid Lours-Riou

Thank you to: Anton Livaja

Good user experience is delightful, seamless, and functional. Despite many design patterns and systems, most digital companies do not focus on educating the users on the impact their products may have on a user’s psychological wellbeing. Instagram can feel extremely frustrating and empty even with the smallest glitch. Tapping and swiping are the most actionable forms of expression online. New emojis are created daily to cover for more complex, deep emotions, but can also seem ambiguous. This project is a prototype existing to only trigger frustration through responding in meaningless ways to online gesture. The more you interact, the more dysfunctional it behaves. The buttons and icons become meaningless and frustrating when you know you can no longer comment, like, or share. What will emotion mean to the online community if systems were hacked? How will humans express emotion towards voice and gestural assistants? The project asks you to question how else you could express complex emotion with the technological advances of today.

Launch project

Fine, thank you
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