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The Project

Space Intimacy is an on-going public interactive installation which consists of a dome which the audience can enter & experience the reactions from the sensors detecting activity of another audience outside the dome. We used Arduino, MAX/MSP, video editing & dome projection mapping in this project.


This project challenges the public to abandon their own personal borders by being fully immersed in somebody else's mind. We collaborated with the Digital Maker Collective & Tate Exchange. 


Prior to a final exhibition at Tate Modern, we held a discussion to talk about the topic of personal & public space. After, we invited the public to join us at the Tate Exchange in seeing the inner workings of our project & participate in the continuous discussion & progression. I worked with a growing team consisting of classmates & faculty to realize this project, we intend to continue the project in the future.

Before the discussion we held at Tate Britain, we decided to start off with an exercise to show what we want to communicate. People tend to avoid long eye contact with strangers, choosing to look at their phones, read a book, or simply not look instead. 

In this exercise, we asked participants who mostly didn't know each other to stare into each other's eyes for 1 minute.

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